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The Complete Adult Ballet Body Evolution: Join a unique 10-week online course experience! STARTS MARCH 13th 💃

Welcome home! I am proud and super excited to invite you to a unique opportunity: A 10-week ballet-whole-body-and-brain ballet transformation!

EDIT/BIG NEWS: In the spirit of co-creation (I talked to people who were interested and already signed-up), I have decided to change the scope of the course a bit - and price it lower accordingly! You will still get everything you need for your total adult ballet body evolution, in 10 weeks (including 2 implementation weeks). Please keep reading for details!

Experience strength gains that will deeply (down to tendons and bones!) make you a more graceful dancer, and break free from any age-related and self-sabotaging ballet beliefs. Everything based on sound biomechanical principles, nourishing eating, scientific evidence, and connecting with your inner grace.

AND: This is not just your typical online course! After running a 2-week “beta” version of some of the course material, I have decided to add ANOTHER beta round - this time with the full scope of material! Which means: You have the last chance to become one of my earliest students and say what you would like to see in this course! Which also means: You will have access to my feedback as much as no other student coming after you. You will have a much lower financial investment than for the “polished”/final version. You will have lifetime access to this course and all future iterations. You will get rewarded for taking any new courses coming up!

And we will have that special connection of building something wonderful and adult-ballet-transformational together from scratch!


What’S the Thing All about?

Here is why this course came about: I felt a stinging pain! Seeing amazing, successful, determined adult ballet students dance under their potential and hide their inner gracefulness - just because they started as adults!

If you have ever looked at trained dancers, then at pictures and videos of yourself in class, and wondered: What the heck? What am I missing? What’s their secret sauce? How can I look and move like that? Then no, it’s not delusional. Those are totally fair and the right questions!

Here is one the main sticky points for adult ballet beginners: There is no systematic build-up of the very specific movement patterns required for ballet. You start by imitating steps and exercises. You get some corrections, like “turn out”, or “lift up”. And on top of that, information about how to eat for a sculpted ballet body is overwhelming, confusing, and often dogmatic.

But how do you actually turn out, or lift up? From where inside the body (and brain!) does it happen? And how can diet support the building of ballet physique? The even bigger problem is: So many adult dancers think it’s all their fault! That they are too old, not talented enough, not the right body type. Not able to lose weight without feeling deprived. So they silently settle, thinking that this is just the way it is when you start as an adult.

But I know YOU you aren’t the one to settle!

So with the course, I am offering you a systematic and professional approach to creating the body and brain foundations that your Ballet-Self is craving for. From a biomechanical perspective. With loving changes to your diet. Based on the amazing capabilities of the brain. It’s not a replacement for your regular class - but an addition that will change your class experience from toe to the crown of your head!

And why all this work? Because you have a right to have aspirations, and no one has the right to determine what you can or cannot achieve!

I also believe that as an adult, you have an incredible ability to learn, but I see this ability largely under-used in a regular class setting. What you need is to understand how your body works, where to activate and how to go beyond the imitating stage. Which foods will have what kind of effect on your metabolism. This will give you a completely different, maybe even unexpected experience of how you stand, move, feel, and dance. And all I can tell you, it will not go unnoticed! Get ready for compliments 🧡

Who came up and will teach this amazing stuff?


Hi, I am Patricia! Over the past (more than!) 20 years, I have become a physicst, a biomechanist, a high-performance strength & conditioning coach, and a mother to a child with a neurological disability. And, five years ago, I got into ballet. Now, this course is a pretty premium culmination of all these experiences! I created this work because I want to change the way adult starters learn ballet. I want to put my knowledge of physics and biomechanics, of training and body adaptation principles, and my extensive study of latest evidence around the brain’s ability to change at any age - into your service. I want to see you shine and be amazed of what ballet has in stock for you!! 💃

What’S the format and Content?

So what’s gonna happen? Here is an initial module plan that we will fill in and fine-tune together:

1) THE PREP: How to take this course, how to develop a waterproof system and discipline for getting your work done, and what to do when you do fall off the bandwagon

2) THE META: How to supercharge learning and strength-building with neuroplastic principles, timelines of transformation, why you can safely ditch your age- and talent beliefs

3) THE ARCHITECTURE: Activate the perfect posture! The Toe-to-Head approach to your Pull Points and Activation Movements (the points and actions that make* your turn out (without ever saying “turn out!”) and the graceful ballerina posture that you can spot from miles away)

[* Once properly learned and wired into the brain, the whole sequence can get you into your ballet form within 15-20min - your warm-up!]

4) THE PROTOCOLS: Your workout progressions for those wavy legs (is that a thing?) that will change your experience of balances, jumps, and pirouettes forever (well - unless you stop doing ballet. Not trying to sound all sensational here :-P)

5) THE JUICE: How to start eating for a lean, healthy, energetic and graceful body

6) THE PITFALLS: Common adult ballet student pattern weaknesses - let’s talk inactive thighs, a collapsed waist, and passés that don’t rise

7) The PREMIUM: Crack the (neuroplastic) code and create your game plan to master any ballet skill


8) A NEW LIFE: How to keep going and growing after the course

And where? I want to keep it simple - but good enough for us to have engaged communication and interaction!

The way this will work: Our hub will be the course syllabus, supported by a Closed Facebook Group, with private access for you, the other students of the course and myself only. There will be a main weekly lesson taught LIVE to you and/or available for replay whenever you want to! You will have weekly “homework” in the form of exercises and nutritional explorations. There will be two Q&A sessions per week, also live, from which you can choose either one that suits your schedule and time zone (or none, if you don’t have any questions). And you can post/ask/share any time in the Facebook Group, and email me as well. That’s a pretty tight support system!

As for space: We will work with floor and standing exercises - which you can do at home. If you have a barre (and if you are reading this, you probably do, hehe) great, but if you don’t, you can use a counter, chair, or wall for exercises. Your office is also a great place to do workouts - who knows, you may inspire you co-workers!



The Investment

Time: You need to be ready to invest about 1-2 hours per week, plus doing three approx 30min workouts!

If you are not sure if you can maintain that over 10 weeks - no worries. First of all, I am guessing that you are already pumped to do this, and reap the rewards, so I think that this will drive your time investment as well. Also, there will be two full weeks dedicated to implementing, and give you a chance to catch up if you need to!

I still want to encourage you to really be honest with your commitment - physical changes happen when you hit a certain threshold over a certain time. So if you realistically can’t give this a certain focus right now - maybe you’re better off taking a future version of this course. (Or, if you’re smart, you come on board anyway now, knowing that you will have access to all later versions, too!)

Money: Honestly, I think that this course is well worth beyond EUR 1000+ when you think about what it means for you as an adult to dance in a body that’s starting to show the characteristic curves and bumps, and with a brain that’s rewiring for ballet. And this is not meant as some sales-pagey bragging and putting out random dollar numbers.

There is cutting-edge stuff in how this course combines strength and activation work, neuroplastic principles, and sheds a down-to-earth light on nutrition and leanness - basically 20 years of edcuation and experience in the fields of physics, biomechanics, strength & conditioning and research, and my own building of a ballet body from scratch.

You won’t find this anywhere else in the adult balIet educational field. I doubt that a curriculum like this one exists in ballet at all! I have a gut feeling that this course may surpass even my own expectations. Who knows, maybe it will even spark new avenues for adult ballet dancers, beyond what we know today.

But let’s keep it real - beta, right? So I have decided to offer this course for


for the 12 weeks of cutting edge content and intimate support.

In line with the new and shorter scope of the course, you will get it for


And you don’t just get the course. You will have lifetime access to the final/polished version of it and all future iterations. All this because I want to reward your contribution in this early stage of the course!

Last, don’t forget that you will become part of a special community, of like-minded adult ballet students that want to take it to the edge of their potential. Beyond what other are telling them. Ready to do what it takes and support each other, and eager to help shape this course so it can give them exactly what they need. A truly special tribe that I can’t wait to see leave marks and take names! 💪💪🚀🚀

Ready to shake things up?? Come and join! 👇

…Ready to join but need a bit help with the payments? Shoot me an email at and we can figure out a payment plan.

Want to hear what former students think about the course? What they say they got out of it?

Listen to five of the eight Students from the previous (2-week-Long) Course! This was an anonymous survey, so they were free to say what they wanted. Three of them have signed up for the new and longer course so far💪

First of all - their muscle and anatomy knowledge went significantly up after just two weeks!

I asked them: “On a scale from 1 to 10, how familiar are you with the muscles (and their actions) involved in dancing?”

The average score went from 4.4 (bevore the course) to 7 after the course.

What about confidence?

I asked them: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how confident do you feel when you are in class? (On average)“

The score went up from 5.6 to 7.9.

Here are some more insights!


Based on the outcome you envisioned when entering the course - how close did you get to it? Did you feel any changes when taking your regular ballet classes?


What are the top 3 things that you took away from the course?


…more top 3 takeaways…


THIS ➡➡➡➡➡


On a scale from 1 to 10, how supported did you feel during the course? (Both from the teacher as well as the other students.)


How confident are you that the approach presented in the course would significantly help you achieve your ballet goals (if you continued doing this kind of work)?

(Mind you, this is after two weeks of work - imagine 10 weeks! :-D)