From Adult to Adult And Online Course Talk: How You Can Co-Create Your Ballet Body Evolution!

So….if we are friends on Instagram you alread know the big addition to this blog that has come around since the beginning of this year: I have started to walk the talk, to teach what I preach!


In a nutshell: Late to The Party Ballet is evolving into a virtual, ballet-specific performance center for ballet students who started as adults. And because ambitious and brave adult ballet dancers are everywhere, I wanted my teachings to be available from wherever in the world you are located. What better way to do this - than through online courses!

Let me give you a short recap of what has happened over the last two months, how things are evolving, what’s truly and deeply driving me to do this, and what’s up next!

Point Zero

It had been brewing for a long time. As my lovely reader, you may remember that I have a background in physics and sports, and lots of experience in teaching/coaching professional athletes in strength and conditioning. Plus, all the research and studying about the brain and its ability to change at any age - which came about through my son’s disablity.

And five years ago, I entered the world of adult ballet. I got to dive deeply into it, and witnessed how ballet is taught to beginning adults. How the regular classes are often failing them - and it’s not the classes’ fault! There is simply a discrepancy between the formal content of a class and what the body and brain need in order to change. Into a sculpted ballet body. Displaying the grace and fluidity of a dancer.

And so slowly, by bringing my prior experience into it, and with the help of amazing teachers, my Adult Ballet Body Evolution framework came together. But still - how would I teach this?

The Co-Creation Process

I came up with a simple answer to this (inspired by learning from a great teacher herself, Lindsay Padilla): By co-creating with exactly the people who would benefit from my material. My students! Letting them tell me what they need. So earlier this year, I launched a first co-creation test shuttle: A 2-week course which I ran through Instagram. Eight students from US/Canada and Europe joined in a private group - and we dug right in. I taught them biomechanics, how to feel proper muscle activation in the body and where, and we even did a barre together on the last day of the course! (Let me know if you would like to take a peak at the course material - I am happy to give you access to the group for three days, so you can get a feel for my philosphy and teaching style).

It was a great way to see how to teach, what works, and what doesn’t. For example, I learned that I was a bit over-ambitious with my content (too much, too fast - that’s just how I roll 😁). I learned the nuts and bolts of technology. It was far from perfect (e.g., I lost several Live videos that I had planned to make available for replay whenever). But it was a great starting point, I got amazing feedback in the outtake surveys (and they were anonymous!) - for taking it up a notch.

Taking Co-Creating Even Further - and Hitting a Roadblock

Then something interesting happened (and again, it has to do with too much, too fast :-)). I thought I was ready for The Big One, a real Signature Course. Everything in one 12-week course: Activating the ballet posture, biomechanics, a full strength building program, nutrition, neuroplasticity and skill development (for any skill of your choice). Everything still in “beta” mode, co-creating with anyone signing up for the course.

I geared up all my strength, put out an info/sign-up page, got my payment collection up and running, started promoting it, working on the content and syllabus…..until I realized that something felt weirdly off.

Again - too much, too fast (it’s just my personality). I felt overwhelm. I realized that I was trying to put too much in one course, and that it would probably not only overwhelm students, but also myself teaching it. And that’s kind of a killer for teaching and a good learning experience. Also, I did not see much interest/sign-ups for the course, and I suspected that the price gap between the 2-week course and this 12-week course was maybe a bit steep for some people.

Dialing it Down, to Get it up 💪

So I revamped everything! Here is what I decided:

  • Split the Big Course into two courses. The first one, starting next week, will still cover all the Adult Ballet Body Evolution juice: Activating the ballet posture, biomechanics, a full strength building program, and basic nutrition. I will teach it over 10 weeks, with two implementation weeks inbetween (in those two weeks I won’t teach new content, but be available for support, questions, and feedback - so you can deepen your understanding and/or catch up)

  • Price the first course starting next week 40% lower than the original big course.

  • Teach the second course either right after the first one, or later in the fall, depending on student’s needs and wishes. That second course will be a framework for you to pick any ballet skill of your choice that you want to professionally improve. You will learn about neuroplasticity principles, create your own game plan, and then enjoy the before and after videos!)

And btw, in spirit of true co-creation, I did not decide only based on my own impressions. I actually ran my thoughts by a new student who had already signed up for the 12-week course and asked her what she thought about this. This is exactly what I mean - all this is for YOU, so I want YOU to have a say in what YOU need and how it can work best for YOU and me together!

Why am I Creating All This With You?

  • Because during my time as an adult ballet dancer, I saw that adults starting ballet miss crucial steps and phases that are a natural part of a trained dancer’s training. And that’s where most of the gaps between the appearance of an adult vs trained dancer come from - and not so much from age and starting late!

  • Because all this is created by a true adult starter herself. I am going through the same pains and sticky points as you, and I have an understanding of what dance body concepts are difficult to grasp. Plus the background to do something about it.

  • There is so much value in knowing how your body works on the inside. When you know what it is that you are activating, it can help you with activacting correctly. In a regular class, this kind of anatomy- and biomechanics-based approach is often not addressed due to time constraints.

  • Because I want to create a strong community of adult ballet dancers with aspirations. I believe that this kind of community can create new opportunities and avenues beyond what we think possible. Right now, adult ballet is sort of hovering behind the “real” ballet - why not challenge and shake this up a bit? 💃🎉

Let’s do this together!

More details about the course here!
Or if you can’t wait to sign up - you can do it here 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

See you on camera! 👩‍🎤