Registration CLOSED - the 2-Week-Course is in full swing. BUT - REJOICE! There will be a new and longer, ballet body-transformational ONLINE course VERY SOON. Registration will open on February 25th, the course will start on March 4th and go for 3 months. Email me at for how you can join! This is your chance to get all the training, nutritional, and mindset tools towards becoming the ballerina you’re secretely (or openly) envisioning 💃

Get a 2-week class confidence and physique boost!

Are you an adult ballet beginner, loving it - but struggling with confidence in class? Are you dreaming of those ballet legs - not just for their looks (but also that!), but also to carry you confidently through solid pirouettes and graceful jumps? I am testing a new online program and would LOVE to have you on board. For a super limited time, I am offering a 2-week online group coaching where I’ll help you initiate the very physical and mindset changes that will turn you into a dancer. Yes, forget that you’re an “adult ballerina”. There is no limit to the improvements you can make. But I also know that often, insecurities can be in the way of really putting out your best in class - or simply not knowing which muscle has to turn on when. During this mini program, you will be invited to a private Instagram group. I’ll give you two tasks per day, and you will have access to me with all your questions and concerns. All this for only EUR 50,- (approx USD 57/CAD 75). And you will be eligible for a nice discount once the actual course launches. What ya thinking about?? Starting Wednesday February 6th. COME!



Is fear of embarrassment holding you back from doing your best in class? Do you believe that you can’t really get too good when you start as an adult? You will be amazed at how much better you will dance instantly when you disarm those limiting beliefs.


The BAllet Physique

It’s not something you’re born with. And it’s not just for the looks of it! During the program, I will show you how to kickstart your leg development through systematic activation and brain rewiring exercises.


Ongoing Suppport, Q&A

As a former strength&conditioning coach in professional hockey, a background in physics, and lots of experience with neuroplasticity - I have experienced firsthand what it means to build a ballet body and brain from scratch. I want to see you shine!