Beyond Training Podcast Episode 1 Prsentiert Brooke Thomas Certified Rolfer

In this Beyond Training podcast, Brooke Thomas, a certified Rolfer, describes how her inquiry has blown the mind-body divide out of proportion and transformed how she sees everything. This interview features outtakes from more extended events, original long-form interviews, and other content from the podcast. Listeners will learn more about Brooke’s background and philosophy and gain new perspectives on Yoga and the body.

Brooke Thomas is a certified Rolfer.

Listed below are some podcast episodes involving Brooke Thomas. These episodes cover her body, current practices, and role as a certified Rolfer. They all offer some great tips on how to delegate effectively. If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to, here are a few of her tips:

Yoga Tune-Up is a therapeutic and corrective exercise form of Yoga.

The therapeutic benefits of Yoga Tune Up are extensive. It’s an excellent way to strengthen and correct poor postural habits. Spending all day at a desk, you’ll develop a forward-hunching posture and weak pectoral muscles. Postural changes affect the health of the whole body. These changes can occur on a cellular level and affect posture.

The practice of Yoga Tune Up combines therapeutic massage with the principles of corrective exercise and anatomy education. The goal is to free the body of compensatory patterns and to replenish overworked areas and damaged tissue. The results of Yoga Tune Up are an invigorating workout, a strengthening workout, and a deep release of body tension. The instructors at Yoga Tune Up are anatomically educated physical therapists, sports trainers, and massage therapists.

Yoga Tune Up combines Yoga with self-massaging techniques and other fitness therapy techniques. The yogic exercise routine focuses on the three P’s – pain, posture, and performance. The exercises help you to improve balance and alignment, eliminate injury, and increase strength. The activities also enhance coordination and de-stress the body, empowering you to take care of yourself and enjoy life more.

Jill Miller, the co-founder of Tune Up Fitness Worldwide, has created this innovative form of Yoga. The author of the Roll Model has featured the method on several top television shows. The practice has been featured in many popular publications. It has helped thousands of people overcome physical and emotional challenges. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to improve their performance and feel better about themselves.

Murielle Corwin is a 500 ERYT certified teacher, a certified movement analyst from the Laban Institute, and a Thai and Shiatsu yoga practitioner. She is also an accredited Yoga Tune-Up teacher and is available on her website. If you have any questions, please contact Murielle Corwin at [email protected]. The therapeutic benefits of Yoga Tune Up are extensive.

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