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Is there anything cuter than a naughty ninja? If you’re a manga or anime fan, you’ve probably heard of the cute trap or the characters who play it. Ruka Urushibara is an example. Her short brown hair is paired with a safety pin, and she has a cute face and big purple eyes. Her body is lean and slim.

Ruka Urushibara

It’s not just her adorable appearance that makes Ruka Urushibara a cult character. Her appearance is more feminine than that of a male. She even wears clothing that would be appropriate for a female. Ruka has a crush on the main character, Okabe Rintaro, who must go back in time to save Mayuri. Ruka agrees to go on a date with Rintaro and tells him she’d love him even if she were no longer a woman.

Ruka Urushibara is an anime character who is unrecognizably a male. He is the only character in the series to harbor feelings for the main protagonist Rintaro. Despite his gender, Ruka is considered one of the most adorable girls in the world. He has long, thin arms and a slim figure, making him seem like a woman. While he has a lot of potential for romantic relationships, his relationship with Rintaro has been shaky.

In an alternate universe, Ruka is a cis girl. She has a crush on Rintarou, and he nonconsensually gropes her. Afterward, Ruka is deeply in love with Rintarou and remembers her reasons for that crush in the alternate universe. She’s crushed when she discovers that she’s “too” a “boy,” and she’s devastated.

Anime has a unique take on society. Anime tries to teach the values of all social groups, offering a good representation of all. Even the term “trap” is a joke familiar to manga readers and anime viewers. Unlike in real life, anime characters rarely follow gender stereotypes. In anime, however, people can’t help but notice it. But that doesn’t mean it’s less enjoyable!

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You’re Under Arrest

You’re Under Arrest is an animated series from Japan that is based on a manga series by Kosuke Fujishima. The show was produced by Studio Deen and directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi. The manga is a mixture of action, drama, and comedy. The manga was adapted into three television seasons, three OVA series, and a live-action drama special.

The anime is faithful to the manga, so those interested in non-violent entertainment can enjoy this release. However, some viewers may be offended by the slight detour from reality. While there is no full-front nudity, there are jokes about Aoi-chan’s sex, so you should be aware of that. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with this one. You’re Under Arrest is recommended for those who enjoy the premise of a non-violent show.


The anime series HXH is top-rated among Japanese girls. The main character, Kurapika, is a badass with a female voice and appearance. Kurapika even goes undercover as a woman in one episode and gets mistaken for a woman by her enemies. The female voice actors are Miyuki Sawashiro and Erika Harlacher. But the female voice actors don’t make Kurapika look feminine.

The premise of Kurapika is that a girl named Akira will have a boyfriend. But he is not that simple. While it is true that Akira is cute, this doesn’t mean he’s non-binary. He is a nonbinary person and probably is a man in drag. In addition to being a nonbinary character, Kaoru is also the tallest girl in Tamako Market. She has long black hair and purple eyes. And she always wears lipstick, but that’s another story!

In the anime series, Kurapika is the last Kurta Clan member and a Blacklist Hunter. He is an aggrieved faction and has an objective to catch the band of criminals who murdered his family. Kurapika is a very determined and capable character who will go into society’s nasty side to accomplish his goal. His cute trap is another example of the character’s charm, as it is a well-known way to entice female followers.

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The characters Kurapika meets are a little different. They have different personalities. She has a sexy, girly look and is usually quite cute. And while Gon is the most charming, he is still the most powerful. Regardless of their differences, their traits are incredibly similar. Kurapika is also more potent than Gon and can even use her powers to harm her enemies. But she is not the only one with a sexual enticement, as her sister, Ayumi, is and will marry Gon.

While Leorio Paladiknight is a hard-boiled private investigator, he has a soft spot for pretty clients in need. However, he shouldn’t get involved with Kurapika, as he finds himself caught in a web of revenge involving the Zoldyck mafia family and the priceless Kurtan rubies, which are far more valuable than simple gemstones. Leorio’s friends Gon and Killua also become involved in the case, and the two get closer.


Anime fans love ‘Hideyoshi,’ the main character of Baka and Test. It’s an excellent example of a ‘trap’ character, a recurring plot element wherein a male protagonist is tricked into believing that he is a girl to gain their affection. The trope is popular because Hideyoshi is cute and feminine, unlike other female anime characters.

Although he is biologically male, ‘Hideyoshi’ is seen as a female by his friends and colleagues. In Baka and Test Episode 6, Hideyoshi follows the main characters to a public bathhouse where they change into men’s clothing. The girls then urge him to switch to the ladies’ changing room, but he isn’t deceived. He even steals a kiss from the protagonist in the end.

The original manga series was adapted into two anime seasons in 2010 and 2011. In the anime version, Hideyoshi was ranked third among male characters in the popular light novel contest Kono Light Novel Ga Sugoi!, held annually in Japan. During the second season, Hideyoshi’s popularity skyrocketed, and he was the most popular male character in the manga.

In Hideyoshi’s battles, he was an expert in attacking castles. On June 2, 1582, he flooded Takamatsu Castle. He then made peace with the lord of Takamatsu Castle, Terumoto MORI. Afterward, he agreed to disembowel Muneharu SHIMIZU and sent his troops back to Kyoto. There he killed Mitsuhide AKECHI, the rebel leader of the Honno-Ji Temple.

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